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What is a Blind Fox?

Philosopher Isaiah Berlin, inspired by Greek poet Archilochus of Paros ("a fox knows many things, but a hedgehog knows one important thing"), developed a classification of intellectual styles that correspond to animals' survival strategies.

Among these styles, we were immediately drawn to the fox, who relies on insights from a variety of sources to overcome different challenges. What does a blind fox know? It hasn't forgotten its many tricks, but it has also learned one very important thing in addition: what it does not know. 

Our Story and Background

The Blind Fox Analytics partners met while pursuing our PhDs, and have collaborated together on a mix of academic and policy work over the years. As a team, we bring a diverse set of skills and perspectives based on academic training ranging from Statistics, Data Science, and Neuroscience, to International Relations, Public Policy, and Philosophy as well as substantive experience in Academia, Government, Policy Analysis, Finance, and Consulting. 

We know a great many things. This allows us to offer our clients a broad range of analytic tools to fit nearly any data challenge. 

And yet, our team is committed to one defining insight: intellectual honesty and humility. Our analysis will always be intellectually rigorous - equal in quality to peer-reviewed research in top academic journals - but also clear, straightforward, and honest about its limitations. 

We are grounded in social science, research, and public policy, and we occasionally appear in popular media to offer commentary on critical issues based on our work. We recently were featured in the Washington Post on media coverage of terrorism and in the Diplomat on oil embargoes and North Korea.


What is a Blind Fox?

What is a Blind Fox?


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