Data Science


No firm, non-profit, or NGO has the same needs. Blind Fox Analytics builds customized services to satisfy each of our clients. Thus, the list below offers suggestions, but it is not exclusive. Please contact us for a consultation about how Blind Fox Analytics can help you accomplish your organizational goals.

Blind Fox Analytics will use cutting-edge methods, drawn from auditing best practices, academic research, statistical techniques, and scientific approaches, to develop an appropriate evaluation for your program. Whatever the objective, we have experts who can help.

Program Evaluation

Data science is using data - structured or unstructured - to answer meaningful questions. Blind Fox Analytics can answer your organization's key questions with data transformation, predictive modeling, spatial analytics (e.g. ArcGIS), dashboards, and other visualizations.

Statistical Analysis

Blind Fox Analytics has a team of statisticians who are dedicated to conducting responsible research: developing fair tests and providing clients with clear answers. We can help with everything from statistical sampling and experimental design to sophisticated modeling techniques. 

Data Processing

It is easy to get overwhelmed by data. Blind Fox Analytics can help your organization ingest data in disparate formats, whatever the size, synthesize it, and prepare an analysis strategy.